Beiruting - Events - ROCK TO SCHOOL with Maritta Hallani
Aug 2018
ROCK TO SCHOOL with Maritta Hallani
Social Event BHV Lebanon

This year BHV Lebanon launched a competition "Rock to school" for amateurs to unleash their talent. BHV collaborated with the young gifted star MARITTA HALLANI and the musician and voice coach Mr. Khalil Abu Obeid.

This competition aimed at encouraging these talented people between the age of seven and seventeen to upload a one-minute video in any language on social media using the hashtag: #BHVSingWithMaritta.



The jury picked the best 10 voices to perform live at BHV in CityMall- Dora and to sing alongside with the young star MARITTA HALLANI.



With enthusiastic applause, the big crowd who came to listen to MARITTA and to attend the live show, welcomed the star who took the stage and entertained the mass with her new song "Akher Marra".



Then the young star joined the jury formed of the musician Mr. Khalil Abu Obeid, her and the Brand Manager Mr. Philippe Roumieh to choose the winner of this talent show.



Once the performances were done, MARITTA HALLANI took the stage again and sang for the first time two of her new songs "Eli w Melki" and "Ana". She was then joined on stage by all the finalists to sing the famous Fairouz song "Nassam Alayna El Hawa".



The jury then called upon the winner "Reine El Hajj" to award her gifts worth 5000 USD from BHV stores, some time to be spent with MARITTA HALLANI and two free rehearsing sessions at ISAR Music Atelier owned by Mr. Khalil Abu Obeid.



As for MARITTA HALLANI, she celebrated the release of her new album on Wednesday, 29th August, 2018 at BHV Jnah in the presence of journalists, media and her crowd.