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Feb 2019
Powerful Communication Through Purposeful Storytelling
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Learn how to use storytelling to enhance communication and inspire your audience to act! This is a highly interactive extended workshop based on sharing and examining narrative experience and personal stories within the workplace.


More on the workshop

The Powerful Communication Through Purposeful Storytelling workshop offers an interactive program that highlights the power of purposeful storytelling. Purposeful storytelling is at the core of powerful communication for different purposes: leading, teaching, persuading, selling, influencing ...etc. The program starts with a four-hour interactive seminar that lays down the foundation of communication through storytelling and is followed by 8 weekly sessions of practice. Storytelling has been around as a major tool of communication for thousands of years, yet many organizations (both academic and non-academic) do not realize nor utilize the power of storytelling within internal and external communication. Research and anecdotal evidence continue to reveal that authentic stories (when narrated well) get results that other means of communication do not. Narrative communication offers interest, engagement and increased comprehension; it creates a goal-oriented platform within organizations and instigates loyalty and action among stakeholders.


The workshop includes

  • The Power of Storytelling
  • The Science Behind Storytelling
  • Components of a Purposeful Story
  • Examples of Stories that Inspire Action
  • Hands on Strategic story sharing activities and exercises


By the end of this workshop participants would be able to:

  • Identify the elements of a purposeful story.
  • Capitalise on the science behind powerful storytelling.
  • Use goal oriented stories for different purposes in professional contexts.
  • Start an inventory of personal stories to use in a variety of contexts.
  • Develop two separate stories for specific purposes.


Target Audience

Anyone whose job involves dealing and communicating with other people.



four-hour seminar, plus eight weekly practice sessions ( via email and/or facebook)



Saturday February 9 @ 9:30 am - 1:30 pm


Wednesday February 13 @ 4:00 - 8:00 pm


Number of Participants

6 - 10



  • Regular $265
  • Early Bird $230 (for registration before January 30)
  • Group Special $220 (for groups of 3 or more)
  • Full Capacity Special $1700 (for a maximum of 10 people)


For Registration and Information: Call 71 868079 / 01567961


Location: The Sage Parlour. Aya Armenia St. Mar Mikahel. Beirut.