Beiruting - Events - O By Michel Fadel Grand opening
Dec 2018
O By Michel Fadel Grand opening
Nightlife Activities

In the presence of political, media and social figures, Lebanese composer and producer Michel Fadel opened his night club O By Michel in Antelias. Deputy Sethrida Geagea was present in addition to Carole Samaha, Joe Achkar, Dina Hayeck, Carla Boutros, Dalida Khalil, Mirva Kadi, Nichan Derharoutyounian, Tony Baroud, Nizar Francis, Hicham Haddad,  Rima Njeim, and many other celebrities to discover what behind the O.

O - in a seemingly understated circular building lies one of Beirut's trendiest and most impressive new nightlife entertainment hubs. The unique venue houses a club that until now remains unmatched in style and finesse.

Named O as an ode to the opera, this spot brings together a unique fusion of Occidental and Oriental musical cultures, creating somewhat a hybrid of the contemporary and the classical.

Leading with music as a priority, it is no surprise that this spot is dedicated to bringing some of the most prominent names in the entertainment industry to local audiences. The most obvious nod to the opera genre has got to be the majestic pipe organ that occupies the center of the stage and commands your attention. O has clearly ushered in a brand-new era for the party scene in the Middle East. The brainchild of Lebanese born composer and producer Michel Fadel, O combines state-of-the-art sound and visuals with world-class entertainment acts to offer an experience that is only enhanced by the vaulted ceilings and indulgent atmosphere. Being the impresario and heart behind the project, Fadel poured his passion and striking musical flair into every corner of O rendering it an image of his talents and finesse.

While the service and standards evoke a swanky and glitzy feel, O remains dedicated to operating under ethically and socially responsible standards with the O management ensuring equal opportunities and treatment of all patrons and hires. O is ideal for those who are looking to combine the ease of elegance and luxury without compromising standards of music and art. The swanky decor and upscale interior of the club make it an ideal location for hosting a variety of events ranging from parties and festivals to galas and celebrations.