Beiruting - Events - Media Day at Doctor Nizar Younes Ranch
Aug 2014
Media Day at Doctor Nizar Younes Ranch
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Media Day at Doctor Nizar Younes's Ranch!

National Issues were discussed along with ways to promote rural development


In the heart of the breath taking Shatine gardens (Ain El Haffe), Doctor Nizar Younes had welcomed journalists of various specializations, be it visual, written, or audio media, and has expressed his gratitude and respect to the writers and the intellects, as he is one them, a writer, an intellectual, and an activist in the field of national service.



The guests have spent a full day in Dr. Younes's hospitality, during which they have discussed many political issues, especially in the light of all the challenges we have been facing lately, and the riskiest of all; the sectarian quota system.



The guests had the pleasure to take a tour with their host across his agricultural projects, in which he has employed more than 300 hundred local workers in additional to flower plantation sights and duck farms in which also many are employed.



Specialized engineers were responsible to explain to the guests on how they irrigate the projects from ponds and lakes which naturally store winter rains and melting snow, and how important this is in seasons of scarcity like the one we currently live in. Moreover, they have elaborated on their offer to land reclamations and cultivation, confirming nature adequacy. They moved on to demonstrate the packaging process and how it is released in the Lebanese and Foreign markets.



Dr. Younes has confirmed that the main purpose of these projects is to create job offers to Tannourine's youths and the towns nearby, and thus prevent them from targeting Beirut for employment and housing.



He also requests to apply the administrative decentralization which contributes to the rural development and prevents the migration of the youngsters from their hometowns and villages, to either cities or abroad. He finally stressed the important of the private sector which creates a strong base in the advancement of Lebanon and plays a crucial role in shaping the future.


By : Stephany B.