Aug 2017
Mashrou' Leila at Ehdeniyat Festival
Concert Ehdeniyat Festival

A #BalaPlastic concert for Mashrou' Leila band at Ehdeniyat International Festival


12th August- Ehden/Lebanon: Mashrou' Leila band performed yesterday a one of a kind #BalaPlastic concert at Ehdeniyat International Festival. The band played on a stage immersed in plastic waste and a massive art installation made from more than 110 cubic meters of plastic bottles and containers symbolising the invasion of single use plastic and its tragic impact on Lebanon's public health, environment and economy.


The band played from their old and new albums in a unique atmosphere, with a vivid audience coming from different countries and regions in Lebanon. Some of the songs played are: Baher, Abdo, Falyakon, Roman, Djin and Maghawir...


HamedSinno, the lead singer in Mashrou' Leila band said: "Though more drastic actions are necessary from the concerned authorities, and most importantly on the level of market production, (not just consumption) to curb the current horrors of the environmental crisis, we are very happy and very proud to be involved in anything that will help keep us and our audience engaged in trying to find solutions, and are humbled by the outpour of support and voluntary initiative that made this all possible."



The plastic used was collected through a beach clean uporganised by Greenpeace Mediterranean and Recycle Lebanon, and donated by different organisations, namely, Al Midan, Green Community, Recycle Beirut, Drop-off Tabarja and BiClean and Cedar Environmental LLC.


KarimMassoud, a member in the Ehdeniyat International festival committee said: "The concert was a magnificent one, and we succeeded in making it a green festival which aims to promote human sustainable development in order to make a better local society". He added: "Mashrou' Leila's concert is part of our bigger vision for Ehdeniyat festival which aims also to highlight the lebanese creativity and talents"


The aRt installation was designed and built by the Design Impact Laboratory (Di-Lab) from the department of architecture and design of the American University of Beirut.


KarimNajjar, Director of Di-Lab said: "Our designs are built to have an impact on local communities, and we tried through this art installation to show people's addiction to plastic, and how it is invading our land and ocean". Najjar added:" We hope that the #BalaPlastic Art installation will help in conveying the messages of this great cause in a simple and comprehensive way to a wider audience and influence them to stop single use plastic".


JulienJreissati, Arab World campaigner at Greenpeace Mediterranean said: "With this beautiful project we wanted Lebanese people to realise that plastic pollution is not a fatality. All it takes is small individual efforts in our daily behavior that collectively will have a big impact". Jreissati concluded: "Starting today, we ask for each and everyone of us to turn our back to single use plastic and use alternatives that are widely available and better for our country and society. This is the true essence of the #BalaPlastic movement"