Dec 2016
Marche de Noel a Harissa
Social Event Activities

For the first time ever, you can take a Christmas stroll in Harissa! Let us tell you that it is absolutely beautiful. Harissa visitors can experience a walk under a marvelous sky and enjoy the festive Christmas cottages that are all around to spread Christmas cheer. Sweet aromas of baking goods, hot punch and hot food contribute to setting a good mood for everyone to enjoy.


The fun doesn’t end here yet! Children can even enjoy a two story Santa's House with Santa and his elves creating handmade crafts. So bring your kids and let them explore their creativity and be granted a free teleferique ride during the Christmas market duration.


There is also a festive parade with beautiful melodies and Christmas music all for this special and joyful season. What better way could you experience the spirit of Christmas than from being at the top of the harissa? Let us enjoy this festive season together!