Beiruting - Events - Majida El Roumi at Jounieh Festival
Jul 2015
Majida El Roumi at Jounieh Festival
Concert Jounieh International Festival

On Saturday 4th of July 2015, in a uniting night in the heart of the city of Jounieh and under the watchful eye of our Lady of Harissa, Magida El Roumi, accompanied by her orchestra, enchanted the hearts of many who have been waiting for the last summer seasons to see her back on stage.


For the second time and under the initiative of the NGO, PHELLIPOLIS, presided by Neemat Frem, the opera icon solemnly inaugurated the International Festival of Jounieh 2015 organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Jounieh and under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism. A huge crowd of Lebanese, Arab and foreign fans, along with a prominent cluster of public, political, economic, social, media and military figures, stood impatiently at Fouad Chehab Stadium to hear the star perform a bouquet of her most beautiful old and new songs with an angelic voice filled with high sensitivity.


The refined welcome, the well-studied organization, the free parking and transportation reserved for tickets holders amazingly contributed to the success of the festival. Not to forget, the elegance of the volunteering receptionists of PHELLIPOLIS, the expertise of the executing company, ICE, the latest LED screen technologies and the distribution of seats which allowed everybody a clear view.



Mastering the rules of the game, the Lebanese soprano constantly seeks renewal in her appearances: This year, this renewal has been eloquently showcased through the giant screens, her accompanying shows, and background dancing performances. It, in fact, culminated with a new song especially conceived for Jounieh Festival: "Freedom".

It is the love of that freedom which actually made more than 5000 spectators genuinely attached to the Lebanese emblematic figure; after all, she represents the determination of the Lebanese to survive and resurrect each time stronger than ever before.

With her usual glow, her smile from the heart, her calm yet steady walk, and her poised yet spontaneous gestures, Magida swayed elegantly on an amazing Roman theatrical setting.


From the very start, she conquered the stage, leading the magic and elevating the crowd from a world of murmuring rhythms to skies of highly elevated melodies.


The hits selection beautifully answered the taste of the audience which in general praises both the romantic and revolutionary dimensions of the star.


For two hours, and even more, the fans of Magida El Roumi were overwhelmed by joy as they admired the transparency and respectful halo she emanated along the stadium.