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Jnah Gets Its Samsung CTC Landmark
(HighTech) 8 months ago
Cherfane, Tawil & Co. (CTC), Samsung's exclusive agent and distributor in Lebanon, inaugurated in a colorful event in Beirut's distinguished Jnah area, a new major showroom that now stands out as a new landmark within its surroundings.

The memorable opening gathered VIPs from the private and public sectors, the Ambassador of Korea to Lebanon, the Country Manager of Samsung Electronics Lebanon, CTC's commercial partners, key media and influencer figures, top Samsung and CTC management and employees, as well as friends and family.

Samsung CTC officials proceeded to the ribbon cutting ceremony accompanied by cake cutting and champagne toasts, signaling the new showroom inaugurated and ready to welcome the  guests to go in and experience the celebratory program "in store" for them.

Mr. Eddy Cherfan, CEO of CTC, who highlighted that only five months ago Samsung CTC celebrated its 40th anniversary, and promised to bring the company's presence ever closer to the Lebanese consumer, which the inauguration of this new major showroom attests to. He said, "Beirut's Jnah area is remarkable for its business potential." He further added, "Under the roof of our new showroom, our Samsung 'aficionados', to whom we are sincerely grateful for supporting our brand, will always find Samsung's latest global launches of smartphones, TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, and other high quality products, available here, thus failing no one in their expectations from our brand's No.1 leadership in all categories."

As the guests explored the showroom's interiors, from the ground floor through the escalators up, they were treated to a feast of the senses through live demonstrations of the recently launched new Samsung products, by and large acclaimed and awarded by global tech review websites and industry bodies.

In the AV section, the guests came to witness the new era of picture quality heralded by Samsung QLED 8K TV technology, let alone standing in awe at the giant screens the Samsung TV range goes up to (82-98 inch), in addition to the unmatched sound fidelity the Samsung acoustic device, SoundBar, generates for pure listening delight and immersive surround experience. All with carts being around to dispense what's synonymous to movie theater viewing: Popcorn!

Another star of the evening was Samsung's Wind-Free Air conditioning with innovations that provide Convenient Cooling Control, Faster Cooling/Wind-Free, Comfortable & Cool, Efficient & Eco-Friendly, and Healthy Home, Healthy Living features.

Savory and sweet canapés continued flowing, with original ice cream dispensing carts adding to the delight. "Invisible Men" magicians toured among the crowd, adding a touch of nice surprises and fun to the gathering. Completing the pleasant surprises, bicycle display stands would ride to clusters of assembled guests for smartphone demos and trials, notably the flagship Galaxy Note 10 series unpacked in an event in New York on August 7th, and which witnessed a phenomenal pre-order figure of 1.3 million units in the markets it was rolled-in globally between 9-19 August.Looking at the event from an investment perspective, the new major Samsung CTC showroom in Jnah clearly denotes the company's unwavering faith in the Lebanese economy, and its unshakable trust in the discerning Lebanese consumer.

In a comment on the occasion, Mr. Jay Kim, President of Samsung Electronics Lebanon congratulated CTC for this new and impressive showroom "which will now stand as a new beacon of the Samsung brand's presence in Lebanon." He added, "It will also reflect the depth of the partnership that Samsung Electronics and CTC have had in the country for decades, which rests on our shared corporate values, namely Innovation, Inspiration, Leadership, Best-in-Class, and Collaboration."
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