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8 Vegan Friendly Spots in Beirut
(Did you know?) 1 year ago

There’s been a behavior shift in eating habits in Lebanon and we’re not just referring to the health conscious crowd. Vegans,who have formerly had difficulties satisfying their sweet tooth or soothing their savory palettes, are now exposed to a variety of vegan friendly options. From new concepts that offer an entirely vegan menu, to regular restaurants that have introduced a few vegan alternatives to their most popular dishes, these are some of our favorite places that have jumped on the vegan friendly bandwagon.




Luna’s Kitchen

Luna’s Kitchen is known for its entirely vegan menu. Restaurant and bar, this cool vegan spot is located in Hamra and boasts a delectable plant-based variety. Their crowd pleasers includevegan kebbeh, cheese rolls, cheeseburgers, tawouk, cheese and pesto pizza, chocolate cake, and brownies.

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Ballouta Vegan Goods

Ballouta Vegan Goods is a plant-based restaurant located in Jounieh. They started their journey after discovering their love for harmless eating and now serve everything from Mish Lahme and Mish Taouk, to their very special Silly Cheezesteak. To satisfy your sweet tooth, their double chocolate cake is a must try.

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Last year, well-known diner, Roadster welcomed vegans home with the introduction of their new vegan menu and also included a broader variety in their most recent menu launch. We’re talking mushroom burgers, mushroom and grilled veggie tacos, and a delicious veggie orzo pasta. Now when your meat-lover friends want to eat out with you, there’s a place you’ll both enjoy!
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Frosty’sVegan Kitchen

Remember Frosty Palace and their epic burgers and sundaes? Well it’s no longer a haven for meat lovers. Enter Frosty’s Vegan Kitchen, owned and operated by the same owner as before, but now with a change of heart. Now they serve unique items like black bean, apple and walnut burgers and if you’re worried about missing those delicious sundaes, worry no more. They serve up exotic concoctions like their special vegan mesquite ice cream sundae topped with caramelized berries and homemade walnut granola.


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Orenda is a new plant-based café and bar in the heart of Mar Mikhael. This new vegan kid on the block whips up a number of vegan options from scrambled tofu and soy meat pasta to traditional dishes like fatteh, made with a not so traditional twist and cashew yogurt.

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Nestled in a quaint street in Ashrafieh, Coconoixis known for its vegan options and beautifully unique interior.They have abundant vegan options for every meal, snacks, and dessert and their hospitality is exceptional! For breakfast indulge in sweet hearty oats drowned in maple syrup or fresh homemade granola and fruits. For lunch and dinner, enjoy some of their more savory options like String Theory Salad and Mushroom Mince, a brilliant mixture of mushroom and walnuts with pomegranate molasses on their homemade gluten free flatbread. Don’t forget to grab a peanut butter cookie for the road. You’ll thank us later!

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Kalei Coffee Co.

Kalei Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee shop with two locations in Beirut: Mar Mikhael and Ras Beirut. In addition to their exceptional coffee, some of their most popular vegan items are their variety of homemade desserts, smashed avocado on toast, freekeh salad, and their vibrant smoothie bowl.

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Oh! Bakehouse

Their items may be vegan, but they definitely don’t compromise on taste. Their desserts and breakfast items include delicious granola, homemade nut butters, and super food bars, while they can even whip up a mean meatless burger!

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Disclaimer: No animals we harmed in the making of this post.
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