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5 Enlightening Ideas For This Inspiration And Motivation Day
(Did you know?) 8 months ago

January 2nd is the Inspiration and Motivation Day. And it can be a quite useful celebration for all your New Year’s resolutions to keep. So, if you want to start the New Year the right way, here are 5 ideas on how to find and maintain inspiration.


#1 Idea: Reading

Books are the spring of inspiration. The important part is to read fiction. While scientific literature can boost your knowledge, fiction does the trick for the inspiration. It helps you to step out of your daily life and become a hero of a story. Psychology Today writes, that “you may find an idea or even just a sentence in the text sparks inspiration for you.”


Arnas Stuopelis, Chairman of the Board of web hosting provider Hostinger, says: “One of the Hostinger values is Learn & Be Curious. We have a bookshelf in the middle of our office. People can order any book they want for it. And book doesn’t have to be work-related. Everything that you read can give you a different perception and inspiration.”


#2 Idea: Change Your Routine

Routine is helpful for your workday. It helps to stay on track and be more productive. But it’s a killer for inspiration. Once you follow your routine you do everything the way you have already done before. But one slight change can break the routine and boost your inspiration.


The change doesn’t have to be radical. For example, Dropbox suggests a route change in their blogpost: “Simply taking a new route to work can unlock your creativity. You might be surprised how quickly your brain shifts from “business as usual,” to “creatively engaged.”


#3 Idea: Try Something New

Not only new routes can bring you inspiration. Anything new can! But you have to try it. HuffPost writes: “When you try new things, you put your brain into unique situations that force it to really think. This stimulates creativity, which eventually rubs off in other areas of your life. As a result, you begin to think about everything in a new light.”


It can be a painting class, or a new music album. You can try to build a bird feeder from scratch or start making candles. The idea behind it is that it has to be quite random for you. This new activity will tickle your brain. And this feeling will stick with you even after you are done with the activity itself.


#4 Idea: Exercise

Your mind and your body are inseparable. So, if you want to spark your mind, you can work on it with your body. Professor Lorenza Colzato of Leiden University states: “We found that people who are doing exercise on a regular basis outperform those who don’t. We think that physical exercise trains your brain to become more flexible in finding creative solutions.”


#5 Idea: Do Nothing At All

This might seem both: the easiest and the hardest idea at the same time. Forbes write: “Sometimes your mind just needs to unplug from processing and skim past volumes of information in the form of internet articles and posts, text messages and other miscellaneous materials.”

So, you should just stop and let yourself do nothing at all for a while. This way your mind can get some rest. And then it starts to wonder on its own. It might seem scary at first: what to think, when you are not thinking. But be easy on yourself and find the fun in doing nothing.


Since January 2nd is the Inspiration and Motivation Day, use this day to prepare yourself for the whole year. Pick a favorite idea or mix them up and get inspired. Start a year with a new book. Or break your routine once in a while. Pick some new hobbies or activities. You can exercise your body to boost your mind. Or you can do nothing at all to find the inspiration that is already within you.

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