Jun 2017
Lebnani Ko7
Outdoor Activities
Activities Beirut Suburb Outdoor Lebnani Ko7 Lebanon
Beirut Celebrations presents

A 2 day event that brings together the diverse cultural, businesses and arts sectors that Lebanon is famous for.
The goal of this project is to highlight the uniqueness of the Lebanese culture
and its integration.

-Hamra Str. will be animated with activities all along, highlighting our history our heritage.
-Photo galleries and on screen shows will take place in each section of the festival.
-Live music, live shows, dancing, & various activities, aiming to expose in each visitor what Lebanon consists of, what makes it unique.
-Hamra Str. will be divided into 6 sections, each section will highlight and showcase its title.

Over 200 hundred participants will come together in the heart of Beirut city, drawing over 100,000 visitors.