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Apr 2019
Lebanon's 3RD Tattoo Festival
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Ready to get INKED?

Our 3rd edition is on the roll! 2019 calls in for another one...

With the participation of 25+ local and international Tattoo Artists, you will get to see new and different styles of tattoos this year, new artists joining us ready to showcase their work, a new location and setup for our visitors to enjoy and of course along side our amazing exhibitors, art gallery section and some yummy in your tummies!

Our resident redhead DJ will tag along with his selection of music in addition to cool performances to see for 2 days.
WE SAY THIS EVERY YEAR, you don't have to get tattooed to attend and you don't have to be inked to attend :)
We are open for all!
TICKETS on sale at the door
$20 one day pass
$30 two days pass
Info line 71719703

*Thank you ZM Tattoos for the creation of this awesome illustration exclusively done for the Tattoo Festival. A great way to collaborate with a much talented tattoo artist with drawing skills!
*Thank you Oh Carol for all the creative visuals you guys will be seeing on social media and onsite.