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Newly Opened Venues in Lebanon - March & April
(What's up ?) 1 year ago

Say Yes To New Places!


The best thing to do is go to places you have never been before. Lebanon isn't that big and sometimes the Restaurants, hotels, clubs or anything become so familiar to us. We want to try something different, we want to go to some place that we never went before... How could we do that?! We got the solution for you ;) Below are a few of the new places that opened in Lebanon:


1.We are always looking for new places to party, so we came across NODS BEIRUT located in Dora Highway Sea Side Rd. Harley Davidson Building - Floor 1.


Check it out here:


2.If it's Fashion that you're looking for, we got something new for you as well -Designer Fouad Sarkis Opened up his new boutique located in Saifi Village.


Check out the pictures of the opening:



3.Choueifat is in for a treat! A new mall is making its way there àThe Spot Choueifat will be opening its doors and welcoming guests into its wonderful and inspiring world of happiness on May 18, 2017.


Here's a sneak peek of it:



4.If you're looking for a creative laid back new experience, we would highly recommend this new place called Malolo Beirut which will give your taste buds an adventure!


You might want to check it out here:


5.You know, hotel experiences are always memorable. You want to remember them and think back at the good times you spent there. So, you're always on the lookout for a great view maybe? The best service? Comfy beds? Spacious rooms? Delicious restaurants and room service? Hmm, yeah, I guess you're looking for this new Hotel that opened in Tabarja called Burj on Bay! You can pretty much check off all your list.


Here's a little idea of it:


6.Another night club emerged the areas of ZoukMosbeh Highway. We can never have too many places to shake it off to. Disco Box Music Loungeis a place where you can get real groovy and have a great time doing it. It has it: Disco, Oriental, Oldies, Commercial, Funk... you name it!


We got some pictures for you to check out:


7.It's technically not a new venue, however we are happy to inform you that SUD reopened it's doors on April 20 at Mar Mikhael.

8.You can never have too many traditional Lebanese restaurants. We all know how good our food is and we're very much proud of it world wide, here's a new addition to the family : El Denye HekFor more information:

9.Sometimes all you want is a nice home cooked meal like your mom makes, but you can't always have that,  "Mayline" is a new adorable looking restaurant is extremely chill and can give you a taste of home.For more information:


Alright, so these are the new places we got for you in the meantime. We'll keep you updated on things to come. Don't worry! Beiruting's got you ;)

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Main Road, Broumana, Lebanon
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Taiga Beirut
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