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24 Rare Pictures Of Celebrities When They Were Younger You’ve Probably Never Seen Before
(World News) 1 month ago

When you’re leafing through the newspapers and magazines, or scrolling down your newsfeed, catching many a glimpse while you do so of innumerable famous faces, it can be pretty daunting when you compare their prolific looks to your own ordinariness. It almost makes you wonder if they really are a cut above the rest of us – hard to imagine them ever being young and awkward, right?



Well there are a fair few images floating around the internet might just change your mind about that, pictures from decades gone by when these famous folk weren’t chased by tabloids or hounded by the paparazzi, before they made it big. Back then they were just as ordinary as you and me. You probably wouldn’t look twice at the if you were sat next to them on the bus, and yet in images like these you can almost see a candid glimpse of the future, of the people they will one day become. Scroll down to check out these super-rare images of some of our most beloved celebrities. Can you recognise anyone?

1. Barack Obama

2. Joe Biden

3. Morgan Freeman

4. Bruce Willis

5. Meryl Streep

6. Christopher Walken

7. Jim Carrey

8. Ben and Jerry Stiller



9. Vin Diesel

10. Bill Clinton

11. Tommy Lee Jones

12. Benedict Cumberbatch

13. Gwyneth Paltrow

14. Ellen Degeneres

15. Frank Sinatra

16. Kurt Cobain

We’ve saved out best and most unbelievably rare pics for last over on page two. See if you can recognise one of the biggest wrestlers ever to break into Hollywood, or one of the cast membe


17. Dwayne Johnson

18. Clint Eastwood

19. Steve Martin

20. Danny DeVito

21. Bill Cosby

22. Michael B. Jordan

23. Snoop Dogg

24. Samuel L. Jackson



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