Apr 2017
La Reine Des Neiges
Theater Casino du Liban
Casino du Liban Jounieh Theater La Reine Des Neiges Lebanon
La Reine Des Neiges 29 & 30 April at Casino Du Liban.
According to the tale of Hans Christian Andersen!
This story begins on the last day of winter ....
Mother Nature must make way for spring, but the Master of Ice has decided otherwise and wants to continue to crack down on the kingdom. Her niece Eve, who will soon become the queen of snows by marrying Eden, the spring, will oppose her uncle. The two lovers will then carry us in a funny, romantic, festive adventure and dotted with pitfalls.
This tale, inspired by Hans Andersen, is a musical journey where the characters’ transport us through magical places and folkloric ambiences and deliver us a beautiful message of love and tenderness.
Organised by We Group