Beiruting - Events - Kunhadi Taxi Night
Apr 2016
Kunhadi Taxi Night
Nightlife BO18

On the occasion of the 10th memorial of Hady Gebrane’s fatal crash that occurred on the 16th of April, 2006, Kunhadi organized the sixteenth edition of its “Taxi Night” party, sponsored by “Diageo” and “Zaatar w Zeit” under the slogan “I wish an angel from above told me to take a Cab”. The Event took place on Friday, the 15th of April, 2016 at 10 p.m. at BO18, the same venue where 18-year-old Hady had his last party.

“Taxi Night” is a concept created by Kunhadi in 2007 to promote the use of taxis after a night of partying, whereby guests arrive to the venue and leave by a two-way taxi offered by Kunhadi, as cars are not allowed. The event ticket included two drinks, to encourage moderate drinking, as well as unlimited water in order to highlight the importance of responsible drinking and keep guests hydrated throughout the night.

Vice President of Kunhadi and Hady’s mother, Mrs. Lena Gebrane, thanked all the public figures and celebrities who took part in “Taxi Night” and emphasized on their role in influencing younger generations to adopt safer practices when going out at night. She also thanked all attending guests for supporting Kunhadi’s continuity. Mrs. Gebrane then proceeded to give a brief, candid and moving speech explaining what makes this Taxi Night special: “10 years ago, we were celebrating here with Hady and our family. This time, we are celebrating with our ever-growing family while Hady is an Angel in Heaven. I wish that on that fateful night, an angel from above had told Hady to take a cab. So tonight, say NO to drunk driving once and for all and let’s raise our glasses for Hady’s 10th anniversary in Heaven!”

Ziad Karam, Corporate Relations Director Global Travel & Middle East at Diageo, said: “Diageo is committed to reduce the harms resulting from the abuse of alcohol, and endorses, as well as supports, governments, police and industry efforts to reduce the incidents of drinking and driving in excess of the permitted limits. In addition to promoting responsible alcohol handling and consumption, our collaboration with Kunhadi supports our efforts to maintain a safe drinking environment by direct community outreach”. He added: “Raising awareness on responsible drinking and promoting a safer nightlife is a cause that greatly benefits the youth, the hospitality sector and the nightlife scene in Lebanon; most importantly responsible drinking saves lives, as Kunhadi has proven over the years.”


A large number of public figures, politicians, talk show hosts and artists joined “Taxi Night” to support Kunhadi’s cause and promote the use of taxis, among them were: Miss Lebanon 2016 Ms. Valerie Abou Chakra, Joseph Attieh, Wissam Saliba, Fouad Yammine, Wissam Hanna, Pamela Elkik, Rima Karaki, Nisrine Zawahri, Tarek Soueid, Hicham Haddad, Ghada Abou Aadal, Carine Salemeh, Rola Safa.