Beiruting - Events - International Designer Robert Abi Nader hosts 'Touch of Pink'
Nov 2018
International Designer Robert Abi Nader hosts 'Touch of Pink'
Fashion Show

Ending the month of October which is Breast Cancer Awareness month referred to as Pinktober, and under the slogan "When Fashion and Beauty meet Awareness", the International Fashion Designer Robert Abi Nader hosted an outstanding event at his fashion house in Down Town welcoming celebrities, public and media figures to raise awareness about the early detection of Breast Cancer. Since pink color is associated with Breast Cancer Awareness, the famous designer highlighted on his stunning pink creations and his latest collection "MIMO" for Fall-Winter 2018-2019. The guests were welcomed by Rita Mansour and the Designer Robert Abi Nader who spoke about the importance of being Beautiful, Elegant and Healthy and focused on the importance for early detection, and this is the mission of Robert Abi Nader fashion house always supporting women. COR Medicine presence was of great importance at the event. Dr. Hussain Abu Khalil, a Cosmetic Surgeon from COR Medicine, spoke about the importance of periodic examination to overcome the metastatic occurrence of the disease. The medical team, especially the plastic surgeon role is to restore women's confidence in their femininity and beauty. He is additionally responsible to assist woman in facing their disease. Dr. Abu Khalil talked further about the new surgeries and the latest methods of functional and aesthetic restoration of the breast and he stressed on the possibility of overcoming the disease through early detection and correct treatment. Dr. Nada Alaaeddine, Director of COR Medicine, and Specialist in regenerative medicine gave an educational presentation of the scientific findings that brought about a new era in breast reconstruction which is stem cells lipofilling a new way of treatment with natural results; whether through tissue regeneration or as an adjunct to plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Alaaeddine called for confidence in the ability of scientific development and not to succumb to the disease, but stressed to the attendees that the regenerative medicine force is not negligible. In addition to cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatments, COR Medicine offers the latest technologies combined with the latest high quality medical innovations such as Medicell, blood derived biological activators, stem cells secretions, ozone therapy, sexual health and other technologies representing the scientific revolution in medicine. COR Medicine who offered vouchers for the ladies, have also a special protocol for cancer treatment and disease prevention.



Mrs. Maha Ayoubi, a Cancer Survivor shared her experience with the guests and highlighted on the importance of doing early check-ups and being strong to face the desease. This event was the third of many events organized by OrchideaByRita with the cooperation of the super dynamic ladies Mariam Mogharbel and Sarine Dekmak, in order to raise awareness about Breast Cancer and its early detection. Many sponsors made this event classy and successful. Colors and Shapes added a charming touch to Robert Abi Nader's showroom with sleek white high tables and chairs. The Flower Concept added a vast elegant touch to the Breast Cancer Awareness event with delicate roses arrangements placed in pink thread displays, a huge floral Pinktober Ribbon on the Wall of Fame and a humungous grass-made photoshoot Sofa in the heart of the showroom. The attendees indulged in Dalia Catering's savory, mouth-watering salted canapes, followed up with Pinktober inspired macarons, fluffy cupcakes and delicious customized cookies by Craquelin. Cristel Taoutel, Owner of Kiki Catering Services prepared a very special cake inspired from a pink dress signed by Robert Abi Nader. Malik's Bookshop has designed a beautiful Wall of Fame and Pinktober probs. The event took place in collaboration with "Dekmak", an out-of-the-box agency that passionately handles all Design, Marketing, PR, Web Development and IT needs with a young innovative spirit. The guests who were impressed by Robert Abi Nader elegant dresses were happily photographed by the talented Samer Bsaibes's lens. Diamondo Jewelry was part of the event, its products are unique in representing art, design and culture. Its key mission is to introduce the finest, up scaled jewelry to customers locally and worldwide, maintaining the essence of both traditional and innovative designs coupled with superb handcraft and quality with the latest technology. INGLOT Cosmetics a professional European makeup brand, offered valuable gifts for the ladies. INGLOT Cosmetics is a professional makeup brand made in Europe, available in 80 countries with more than 700 boutiques in the most prestigious cities, and has been established in Lebanon for 5 years with two boutiques in ABC Ashrafieh, ABC Verdun and the third coming soon in Zalka. INGLOT clientele appreciates the wide range of colors and impressive variety of products, especially the Freedom System and the O2M Breathable Nail Enamel. Recently, Jennifer Lopez created a 74 items, limited-edition collection, in partnership with INGLOT Cosmetics that will bring Jennifer's strong femininity to life. Finally, everyone can now achieve their own authentic "J Lo Glow." Spinneys offered also natural juices and a pink soap to remind women to frequently check themselves for breast cancer. The soap comes with a leaflet that has instructions on how women can do the self-examination test in the shower without doing much effort. Most importantly, the pink soap will be sold for $1 and all proceeds will go to the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation. Passion and creativity were present by le Donjon Chocolate to express the love of chocolate. Le Donjon was born seven years ago and developed with its loyal customers to launch its second branch in Verdun providing a more diversified chocolate collection. NewsMe, All Around, TulipMedia, Batiste Dry shampoo, FemmeFresh and KidzMondo were also supporters to this cause. Beiruting and Aalamoki added their magical pink touch with their live coverage.