Beiruting - Events - INKA Cocina Peruana a special experience at Mar Mikhael
May 2019
INKA Cocina Peruana a special experience at Mar Mikhael
Nightlife Inka Beirut
INKA Cocina Peruana, a one of a kind experience at Mar Mikhael introducing the latest Peruvian Resto/Ceviche-Bar by Mindset Group and culinary geniuses Lebanese Chef Joe Barza and Peruvian Chef Gaston Fajardo Susli. Selected media and celebrities were invited to enjoy a savory dinner and get to know INKA restaurant which serves authentic Peruvian flavors with a contemporary zest. 

Central to INKA's concept is its name, inspired by the ancient Peruvian Incan culture that established their capital at Cuzco (Peru) in the 12th century. Having settled higher in the Andes, traditional Incans relied heavily on grains, potatoes, tubers and legumes that grew on their slopes. So too, Chefs Barza and Fajardo have brought forth what thrives most in both Peru's and Lebanon's slopes and seas. A play on the letter K versus C, creates the word "Inka", central to INKA's vibrant design. A multi-color mix of inspired patterns, colors and earthy tones. Located in the heart of Mar Mikhael Beirut, this concept is purposely made to borrow from many cultures yet remain undefined. Just like Peruvian culture has borrowed from its many neighboring Latin, and Hispanic and their own Native culture, so too is INKA made to translate a touch of Lebanon into Peru on a dish. A coming together and intricate balancing of flavors in a colorful culinary journey. Start out with some calm music and fill your senses with a meal made to impress the most discerning of palates. 

Take a seat on the "Show Bar" as your Ceviche is made live in front of you and watch your colorful plate come to life. And as your dinner is about to come to an end, keep your night young and notice the atmosphere build up to your favorite house music complemented by authentic Peruvian cocktails made by award winning mixologists.

Mar Mikhael