Jul 2018
Discovering Svaneti - Georgia
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Dear nature and hikers lovers,

Let us discover the beauty of Georgia, this country is at the intersection of Europe and Asia, is a former Soviet republic that's home to Caucasus mountain villages and black sea beaches. It's famous for vardzia, s sprawling cave monastery dating for the 12th century , and the ancient wine-growing region kakheti. The capital Tbilisi, is known for the diverse architecture and mazelike, cobblestone streets of its old town.

Batumi, a black sea resort and port city , is the capital of Georgian republic of adjara. Batumi boulevard encompasses a waterfront promenade with a park (botanical garden showcases flora from around the world) and the amazing sandy beaches.

Svaneti is a historical region in the northwest Georgia, bordering Russia . Sitting in the southern greater Caucasus mountain range, it's characterized by snowcapped peaks and deep gorges. The medieval villages of upper svaneti are dotted with khoshki, defensive stone structures built from the 9th century onwards. The village of chazhashi in eastern svaneti's ushguli area features many of these towers. It is the highest inhabited area in the Caucasus reaching a height of 5200 m.

Description of the trip:

Day 22 July: meet in batumi hotel at 8:30 am after leaving Beirut at 5 am. 
We will have all day long to visit batumi city , swimming in its amazing beaches and visiting the botanical garden. We will stay the night in batumi.

Day 23 July : batumi - mestia
Mestia (1400m) - koruldi lakes, we will drive until we reach jvari and than will start trekking . Trekking time around 6 hours. Highest point 2300m. Overnight in guesthouse in media.

Day 24 July : mestia - mazeri waterfall - Ushba glacier
Shdugra waterfall is considered the tallest waterfall in georgia. 
Walking 7 kms (4 hrs) till shdugra waterfall - level 5 -10 kms we can find on our way mineral water springs, pine forests, small church, beautiful river gorge and meadows. 
If we want to make it harder we can hike for 2 hrs plus (3 kms) in a steep ascent till we reach to ushba glacier - level 6 - 12 kms. When we reach the Ushba glacier, we will be rewarded with great views on Ushba summit (1400m) and with the other peaks around it. 
Overnight in guesthouse in mestia.

Day 25 July: mestia - zhabeshi - adishi
Drive from mestia to zhabeshi, start our hike from zhhabeshi (1600m), we will hike around 10.6 kms until we reach adishi at 2030 m. Highest point is around 2700 m. Overnight in guesthouse in adishi.

Day 26 July: adishi - iprari
Start trekking from adishi till iprari, this trail is 15 kms. It begins at an altitude of 2100m, we will have a light climb along the adishchala river. Here it is possible to get a glimpse of the adishi glacier. The path rises heavily for a couple of one up to the highest point the chkhutnieri pass at 2720 m. It goes quickly down to the khaldeshala river. We will reach khalde village, to the village of iprari.
Overnight in a guesthouse in iprari.

Day 27 July: iprari - ushguli
The hike is less than 10 kms, begins at an altitude of 1890 m and ends a little bit more than 2000 m.
Ushguli with its unique towers can be reached after 2 hrs.
For those who have more energy, we will do an adventure till we reach the beginning of the glacier at an altitude of 2850 m. The whole hike will take around 6 hrs.
Overnight in a guesthouse in ushguli, watching the highest peak in Georgia 5200 m

Day 28 July: ushguli - kutaisi cave - martvili canyon - zugdidi
Visiting Prometheus cave and Jurassic park in kutaisi.
Visiting martvili canyon, a boat trip, and visiting martvili chkondidi cathedral.
Staying a night in zugdidi guesthouse.

Day 29 July : return to the airport at 9 am.


-From the 22nd of July till the 29th of July (7 days and 7 nights). 
-Places are limited to 20 participants.
-Full package (ticket, insurance, transportation, 4 star hotel, guesthouses, boating, camping, entrance fees, breakfast, dinner, and no visa ticket needed).
-registration: 500$ downpayment until the mid of april and the rest will be paid before the 1st of July.

Cancelation policy:
- cancelation after the down payment is not refundable.

Cost of the trip:

Cost per person with accommodation in double room 4 star hotel in batumi and all rest of complete package is: 1200 $

Airline ticket with wings of Lebanon:
Beirut-batumi on the 22nd of July morning then batumi - tiblisi - Beirut on the 29th of July morning.

Meeting point in DHL jal Dib on July the 22nd at 2 am in the morning. Mini Pullman will take us from jal Dib till Beirut Airport, and on the 29th of July the mini Pullman will take us back from Beirut Airport till jal Dib at 1:30 pm.

Minipullman from batumi Airport till svaneti and then from svaneti till batumi Airport.

Jeep that will drive us inside svaneti.

All entree fees to the reserves, boat trip, swimming, and a guide that talk english.

1 night in 4 stars hotel in batumi and 6 nights in guesthouses. 

Needs for the trip:

. Passport valid for at least 3 months.
. Towels needed after swimming, hat, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, personal stuff. 
.backpack (size depends on whether or not u have porters)
. Hiking boots
.wool socks (bring a few pairs of varying thickness)
. Lightweight trekking pants.
. T-shirts (lightweight wool is great)
. Long underwear , wool thermals.
. Sweater
. Fleece
. Waterproof jacket and pants.
. Heavy down jacket
. Winter hat.
. Winter gloves
. Hiking poles
. Sunglasses (essential when u cross snow line)
. Head lamp with extra batteries
. Camera with extra batteries
. Sunscreen
. Payback (for your rain jacket, snacks, camera....)

For confirmation and more details about the trip, do not hesitate by calling Daniel on 70196750