Feb 2014
Dancing with the Stars Final
Social Event Tv Show
Daniella Rahme accomplished the second season of Dancing With The Stars ME on February 2, 2014, after receiving 64% of the public vote, while Maya Nehme took 2nd place after receiving 36% of the public votes. Daniella’s trophy was presented by DWTS S1 winner Naya. Finalist Carol El Hajj withdrew from the dance competition due to rib injury during rehearsals.
Maya Nehme & Azlak Amtrump and Daniella Rahme & Raed Mourad each performed two of their previous dances decided by judges and a freestyle dance.
The final episode also included Lebanese singer Elissa’s performance ” Fi Oyounak” & “Asaad Wahda”, a dance performance by all DWTS stars, and a dance performance by hosts Wissam Breidy & Carla Haddad while Michel Bou Sleiman briefly hosed the show.