Apr 2017
Beirut Fashion Week 2017
Fashion Show Forum de Beyrouth
Forum de Beyrouth Beirut Suburb Fashion Show Beirut Fashion Week 2017 Lebanon

Beirut Fashion Week, سبوع الموضة في بيروت Organization is a non-profit, non-political and non-activist organization dedicated only to fashion and charity.


Lebanon as a leading provider of fashion platform and the gate of the fashion industry in the Arab World, Middle East and internationally, we take pride in presenting one of the best international fashion event in the region. We are dedicated to serving the needs of the designers and their collections awareness in each and every event.


Tremendous media exposure covered by most of the regional TV stations reaching millions of TV spectators, as well covered by most of the Pan-Arab magazines and newspapers.

Thousands of VIP guests, national/international media, buyers, representatives and fashion lovers attending this spectacular international event.


The utmost approach to promote your brand and collection with various exposure and be identified by national and international media, clients and retailers.