Beiruting - Events - Agenda Beirut 5th Year Anniversary
Oct 2018
Agenda Beirut 5th Year Anniversary
Nightlife Verseine-The Bridge

The Agenda Beirut celebrated its 5th year anniversary over a Gala Dinner in Verseine Piano Bar & Restaurant at The Bridge. The event took place on the 5th of October 2018 with the presence of a huge crowd invited by the founder Mr. Tony Abou Ghazaly: VIPS, experts, clients, press, media, influencers and many more. The night was really unforgettable and marks a chapter of success for the startup that Mr. Abou Ghazaly built and believed in.

Worth mentioning that The Agenda started off in 2013 as an academy organizing lifestyle workshops by high end experts and roamed around Egypt London & Kuwait, to open up another division that relates to Events & PR in 2016 due to heavy demand. The sister companies now work in parallel and a major growth to the GCC is the next plan.

Mirna Chelouhi