Beiruting - Events - A great success for Hammana Motor Show 2019
Jul 2019
A great success for Hammana Motor Show 2019
Under the patronage of the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Avedis Kidanian, Hammana Motor Show was launched on Saturday, July 27, 2019 at 5:00 pm, in the presence of His Excellency Mr. Alain Aoun, Governor of Mount Lebanon, Judge Mohammad Makkawi, Representative of HE Mr. Gebran Bassil Professor Bishara Asmar, Representative of Mr. Taymour Jumblatt Mr. Issam El Masry, Minister Dr. Abdullah Farhat, and other political figures, the mayors of the region and members of Hammana municipality and mayors, religious and partisan activities, administrative, social and media figures. More than twenty-five thousand visitors attended Hammana Motor Show 2019 in its first edition and enjoyed the beauty of its warm nature and hospitality.

The concert was attended by Michel Azzi, who welcomed the attendees and spoke about Hammana Motor Show, which extends over an area of ​​more than 70,000 square meters, surrounded by the pool of Le Bleu de Hammana and Carlos Slim Sports Complex, and the two-day program on July 27 and July 28, 2019, with bicycles, music, entertainment and technical programs.

"Hammana Motor Show was not a dream, but it was the result of the determination and effort of Hammana Municipality to always offer the best to its people, visitors and expatriates. Here we enjoy nature, beauty, ancient and distinctive cars, fresh air, cuisine, authentic art and arabic and oriental music, said mayor of Hammana, Mr. Fadi Saliby in his statement. He paid also tribute to the Lebanese army on the occasion of the Army Day and praised their efforts and sacrifices.

The Minister of Tourism, Mr. Avedis Kedianian, paid tribute to the efforts of the mayor of Hammana, Mr. Fadi Saliby, who recently took up his duties and held a valuable festival with the municipal team, added to the successful Hammana festivals. HE Dr. Abdullah Farahat also addressed the distinguished activities carried out by the active mayor, Mr. Saliby and the members of the Municipality Council, and praised the beauty of the Hammana area and its distinctive location. Mr. Fadi Saliby presented an Honorary Shield to the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Avedis Kidanian, and the Governor of Mount Lebanon, Judge Mohammad Makkawi. The audience toured the exhibition and expressed their admiration for the cars. Rodge concert was attended by a crowd of young people who sang and danced to his chosen music. The first day ended with a concert by Ghassan Saliba, who presented a bouquet of his national and beloved songs to the audience.

The second day of the Hammana Motor Show witnessed the arrival of new cars and bikes, and was more enthusiastic with many jumps carried out by Jihad Kahwaji with his motorcycle over the Rally car of Michel Saliby that raised the public's surprise. The second day included the distribution of medals and souvenirs from Khan el Saboun presented by Mr. Tony Zoghzoghi, known for his collection of old cars, to all participating car owners. A concert by Wael Mansour and a performance by Pitch Black dancers, and all people enjoyed the appearance of the child Rama Mekdad, who participated in singing with Wael Mansour, and surprised the audience with her boldness. Hicham Haddad performed with his band: Jad Karam, Junaid Zeineddine, and Bonita Saade, and presented their performance "Hicham Haddad and Friends Show". And the ending was with Al Forsan Al Arbaa who provided a variety of their beloved enthusiastic and patriotic songs.

The first edition of Hammana Motor Show 2019 included nearly 400 cars in the following categories: antique cars, speed cars, modern cars, groups of cars of the Ferrari club, Lamborghini club, and cars of the Lebanon Champion Roger Feghaly, in addition to more than 1000 artisans and owners of mountain products, as well as more than 100 restaurants, snack and cocktail bars, and a special area for entertainment for children. The event was organized by Caravan Beirut and OrchideaByRita under the patronage of Hammana Municipality. Thus Hammana has once again demonstrated its position on the map of Lebanese international festivals.